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March 23rd, 2009
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As soon as we started to open our hearts and minds to the new reality we want to help create, all kinds of wonderful and interesting things began to appear on our radar.

Some years ago now, I was introduced to an organisation called Be The Change – it’s a powerful statement in itself, one to hold on to I think. Going to a number of their symposiums opened my eyes to the clear need to create new systems based on economic, environmental and spiritual change.  And I think this is what I had been waiting to hear for a long time. Of course we can develop new green energy and impose environmental laws, but unless we shift in consciousness towards a more nurturing and partnership orientated existence and move away from power driven economies, we will just be moving chairs on The Titanic, as they say. 

Through Be The Change, I became aware of the work of The Pachama Alliance, based out of San Francisco. I fell in love with the word Pachama – silly I know – but it means mother earth and for some reason saying it just makes me glow! This organisation was set up to bring the word of the Amazonian people to the West. The tribes of the jungle expressed their desire to help us see the error of our dreams and help us create new ones that are rooted in our relationship with mother earth. I wanted to go and visit these people – the alliance organises trips to the jungle – but I went to Ladakh in the Himalayas instead – and that’s a whole nother story. 

Recently, I have learnt that The Pachama Alliance, has been instrumental in helping the government of Ecuador become the first country to approve a constitution that recognises ‘the rights of nature’, in other words the legal protection of ecosystems. If you go here - – you can read all about it. Now to me, this signifies a pretty major statement about our shift in consciousness. Of course there’s nothing perfect about the socialist government of Rafael Correa and there are no doubt hidden motives involved here, but there always are in politics and this should not take away from the seriously historical moment the 28th of September 2008 was. Wow this is inspirational.

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